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Want to know how to divorce without a lawyer?

how to file a divorce without a lawyer in India? will help you to understand the full procedure to file divorce without a Lawyer. In India the Law allows you to take steps in court “IN-PERSON” without a lawyer but the Procedures to file a case are complicated, still if you need any help for filing your own case in person.

In India, the procedure of filing is cumbersome.

Filing any matrimonial matters before a court of law requires the presence of the party/parties in the Learned Court. We strongly suggest hiring a professional to start divorce process in India. The legal complications in the filing process of matrimonial matters can easily be dealt with by a professional which may look extremely complicated for a layman. However, is a platform that would help you in every possible way to file your matrimonial matters.

Parties Can Contact Any Divorce Lawyer In India For Drafting And Filing Or Contact Talaak.In

Since it involves consideration of various aspects, the services of a very good divorce lawyer are required.
The Divorce Lawyer in India has to take into consideration the aspect of the place of marriage of the parties as it would determine the jurisdiction of the Family Court where the online mutual divorce can be filed and lots more.

Therefore, divorce without a lawyer in my opinion is not a good option to choose. I know you are not satisfied with the answer to the question how to file a divorce without a lawyer in India !! But sometimes, its better to tell you the truth rather than giving hope.

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