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We shall hear you without judging you and show you the best way

We understand that navigating the complexities of a failing marriage can be a challenging and sensitive matter. We want to assure you that we provide a confidential space where you can share your experiences without fear of judgment or unwanted disclosure. Our commitment is to lend a sympathetic ear to your stories and offer constructive guidance. We are dedicated to maintaining the utmost confidentiality; your concerns will not be discussed with anyone outside of our professional sphere

Our expertise extends beyond empathetic listening. We have established connections with some of the preeminent lawyers and law firms in the country. In the event that legal intervention becomes necessary, we stand ready to recommend the best legal experts who can take appropriate steps to facilitate your resolution. Our comprehensive service encompasses overseeing every aspect of the process, ensuring that you receive prompt and effective relief. Through our collaborative efforts with esteemed legal professionals, we have a proven track record of delivering swift and satisfactory outcomes for our clients.

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Yes, we know sometimes, finding the right Lawyers becomes a difficult job and properly interreacting with them becomes even more difficult. But no worries!!
We are there for you. We shall help you find the right lawyer and/or law firm for you to deal with your matrimonial matters. After booking an appointment
Special Note

By This Website We DO NOT ENCOURAGE Anyone To Opt For Divorce

Our aim is to help those who are victim of domestic violence and/or trapped in a falling marriage and/or have no other option but divorce. A significant number of people dies due to domestic violence and/or commits suicide being trapped in bad marriages, our aim is to help whose people and show them a light of hope because every life is precious.
WE BELIEVE THAT DIVORCE IS NEVER THE FIRST OPTION UNLESS IT IS THE ONLY OPTION.  If you opt for our services, it would be considered that divorce has became the only option as we believe that Divorce is never the first option unless it is the only option.
Some Answers to the Questions, Frequently Comes to Mind

FAQ is an organization founded with the motive to help the people who are somehow stuck in a bad marriage, who are being victim of domestic violence, victim of physical abuse, victim of marital rape, and also the people who are depressed for the reason of being in a falling marriage and more. We provide consultancy to clients and suggests the best law firm/lawyer to deal with your matrimonial matter at a discounted fees structure. Here we listen to your stories and suggest you the best consultants who would take the most appropriate steps and help you getting over from the bad marriage you are trapped in and we shall supervise everything for you from the soup to nuts, and make sure you get the result within shortest time possible.

After booking an appointment with, you shall be provided with a virtual meeting link for a conference with an expert and you shall be advised about the further steps and procedures. Thereafter as per your convenience shall appoint legal person and supervise the complete court procedure for obtaining the decree of divorce. We may also suggest you and guide you for mediation and restoration of marriage.

The first and the initial charges for consultancy with starts at Rs. 599/- and for further progress charges a supervision fees as per the program of your choice. You shall get a substantial discount on the professional fees of the empaneled Lawyers/Law Firms.

Any person (Male or Female) who is somehow stuck in a bad marriage, who is victim of domestic violence, victim of physical abuse, victim of marital rape, and also the people who are depressed for the reason of being in a falling marriage and more and/or have no other option but divorce, are the people may approach for Divorce Consultancy. And the people who are not happy in a marriage but there is a chance of restoration of the relationship, may also approach for guidance related to Mediation.

Yes as per the instruction from the client may help the clients in the Running Divorce cases

As we are not a Law Firm, we can not directly defend any divorce or Matrimonial cases filed against you, but we may certainly help you the same done by our best empaneled Lawyers or Law Firms. can be approached through the website ( and also from the social media handles and email ( The first step of availing the service would be only by booking an appointment with Expert through the website (

We a Kolkata Based consultancy service provider and works all over India.

No. We deal with Divorce and also assists our client to restore the marriage through mediation.

No. is a consultancy service provider and the services provided by are not similar to any law firm. We deal with the Lawyers and Law Firms and supervise the steps and procedure on your behalf for providing the appropriate relief in shortest possible time to the person obtained services from

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"Victims of domestic violence should seek help as soon as possible. It is important to reach out to friends, family for support. But most of the times the victim keeps it within themselves, because of the society. Such people needed a platform like this where they can seek help and advice without worrying about her status in the society..."

Sharukh Raja

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"An excellent project with a noble aim. I understand its not always easy for the clients to have detailed communication with the Lawyers because of our busy and packed schedule. But this can solve the problem. We can intimate the case details to as per our convenience and shall communicate the same as per the clients' convenience..."

Abhishek Banerjee

Empaneled Advocate
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"Its really great to have such platform in the society where common people can have access to the experts without going anywhere, without worrying about the society, Its really great to be a part of this noble project..."

S Raja & Co

Empaneled Law Firm