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Want to know how to apply for marriage mediation in India?

Mediation of marriage is a stage to restore your marriage before it breaks. Want to know what steps to take for Mediation? will help you to understand the full procedure. Book a Slot for Consultancy now with to know more and get a completely clear picture. may help you find the best mediator and help you restore your marital life. 

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In general, Mediation is an informal judicial process, they do not pass judgments but they provide the couples with solutions for repairing their marriage. After the mediation process is over the couples have an option either to give their marriage another chance or file a petition for divorce in the court.

Divorce Mediation in India is a new process of divorce in which the husband and wife meet with a third party (mediator) who is experienced and skilled to solve cases related to divorce. He helps the husband and wife to solve the dispute through the process of Mediation. 

What is mediation?

Mediation under ADR is a process to solve the dispute between two or more parties by adding a 3rd neutral party. This third party works as a catalyst to solve the dispute on the mutual decision of parties. 

The process of mediation is defined under alternative dispute resolution. ADR provides various processes like negotiation, arbitration, mediation and conciliation to solve the dispute. 

What is divorce mediation?

Divorce mediation is a process where spouses meet a trained, experienced, and neutral mediator who helps them to resolve the issues related to their divorce. The process of divorce mediation can take place online and offline according to the comfort of the parties. 

It is the best process to solve the case of divorce because the divorce proceedings in court take lots of time due to the heavy load on the courts. Divorce mediation is a fast process and less costly than court proceedings. In some cases of divorce, the court may also order both spouses for the process of mediation so that they can solve a dispute outside the courtroom.

The divorce in India is a lengthy process but a mediator can help both spouses to make an agreement between them to settle the issues related to property, children, maintenance, etc.

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