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In India in some of the Courts of Law, online filing has been started but not in all the Courts. The law for filing for divorce all over India is the same but the different states may follow different procedures. In India, Divorce can be filed in different ways i.e. Mutual, Contested etc.

In India, most of the Courts are now accepting the online filing of several matters.

But the procedure of filing online is even more cumbersome. Filing of any matrimonial matters before a court of law requires the presence of the party/parties in the Learned Court. It would be very difficult to file a matrimonial case online because of the requirement of the presence of the party in Court.

Parties can contact any Online Divorce Process Lawyer in India for drafting and filing and understanding How to apply for divorce in India online

Since it involves consideration of various aspects, the services of a very good divorce lawyer are required. The Online Divorce Process Lawyer in India has to take into consideration the aspect of the place of marriage of the parties as it would determine the jurisdiction of the Family Court where the online mutual divorce can be filed. He has to further consider the places where the parties have resided after their marriage and the present location of the parties. Another important aspect is the distribution of the assets of the parties amicable including the immovable assets. The Online Divorce Process Lawyer in India has to also take care of the aspect of custody and upbringing of the children if they are minors. After considering all these aspects from the point of view of provisions of law, the Online Divorce Process Lawyer in India has to proceed in a manner taking into consideration all other related factors. Since it is a very serious affair, every possible care is taken to comply with all mandatory legal provisions. To know in detail click here. Book a Slot for Consultancy now with to know more and get a complete clear picture.

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